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विनिक्वणन्मनोज्ञहेमकिङ्किणीलसत्कटिं अट्टहासभिन्नपद्मजाण्डकोशसंततिं दृष्टिपातनष्टपापजालमुग्रशासनम् । अष्टसिद्धिदायकं कपालमालिकाधरं काशिकापुराधिनाथकालभैरवं भजे ॥७॥ — Before starting any kind of reverence to deities, a person should cleanse the body of all impurities early inside the morn. So, in case you’re a beginner, it’s not recommended to leap straight into working towards them all by https://free-kundli44332.blogofoto.com/54420589/top-bhairav-secrets


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